Friday, November 30, 2012

Nude Chinese Female_02

c/o SininGapor Group
'Nude Chinese Female_02'
Pencil Sketch in 297mm X 420mm  Paper
Location: Singapore
Another Nude Sketching with my group. This time i used charcoal as a medium, I was surprised that it feels comfortable to sketch using this medium, though my technique is not as good compare with others, I'm quite happy with the outcome.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Nude Chinese Female_01

c/o SininGapor Group
'Nude Chinese Female'
Pencil Sketch in 15cmx22.5cm Paper
Location: Singapore

Human figure sketching is one of the challenging subjects to draw. I’m fond of doing sketching especially the figure of a woman because of its natural curve and outstanding beauty amongst the creations. One Saturday afternoon our group of Filipino Artists had decided to  do a nude painting/sketching session not only to practice our skills but to mingle and have a relax hang out. Our model was a Chinese Female as you can see in my sketches. I’m still in the midst of studying the proportions, lighting & shadow using pencils. By doing this session more often, it will help me to develop my skill in sketching.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Woman in Need

             Woman in Need
                  Created: JUN2012
Oil In Canvas – 30 X 22.5 inch
(Using Pallet Knife)
The artist shows the vulnerability of a woman. No matter how powerful, strong and confident a woman is, there’s a part of her that needs comfort and love in times of melancholic incident of her life. Could be a friend, a family or someone who can fulfil her emptiness.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My First Still Life Paintings

Vase,Vegetables & Bottle
Created: DEC2009
Jar, Fruits & TeaPot
Created: JAN2010

Oil Painting in Canvas - 12 x 12 inch

Vase,Vegetables & Bottle is my very first Still Life Painting using pallet knives.

Jar, Fruits & TeaPot is my second Still Life Painting using the combination of pallet knives & paint brushes.

The beauty of Still Life comes not only from color selections but as well as from the artist's own impression of light & shadow.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bruce Paws

Bruce Paws
Created: JULY2010
 Oil In Canvas – 6 X 6 inch
(Using Paws of Bruce)

One fine Saturday morning, I had decided to get my brushes and canvas to create another painting. While preparing my painting stuff, our darling Bruce (a Chocolate Brown Labrador) kept bugging me and even  was running away with my brushes. While chasing him, an idea pop-out and decided to teach him to do paintings though I know that would be impossible. I started to  put oil paints in his paws and let him walk on top of the  canvas (I did wash the paws right away to make sure that he would not licked the paints). And by chance, he created an abstract pattern which somehow turned into a nice picture. It’s not easy to guide him but I had so much fun that day because after he freely stamped his paws I saw a natural outcome of fantastic  work of Art. We did this painting when he was like 3 months old. Now, he’s about 8 months and he’s such a lovely dog. Though he’s a bit naughty once in a while which makes our life more colorful. My boyfriend and I, are lucky to have him. I’m planning to do painting session again with him and I’m looking forward to the outcome, who knows he could be a famous Dog Paintr someday.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ang Pag-lalang Ng Babae ( English: The Creation Of A Woman )

Ang Pag-lalang ng Babae
Created: FEB2010
Oil In Canvas – 30 X 22.5 inch 
(Using Pallet Knife)

The Creation of A Woman is my first Abstract Oil Painting. Woman is one of the most greatest creations on Earth. Her natural beauty with a perfect edging motivates me to create an extra ordinary piece of art.

Woman is the 'Soul' of Humanity,Woman is the 'Hand' of our Community, Woman is the 'Heart' of a Family and Behind the Success of every Man, there is a Woman.

Ina At Ang Anak ( English: Mother And Child )

Ina at ang Anak
Created: JULY2010
 Oil In Canvas – 30 X 22.5inch 

(Using Pallet Knife)

The True Essence Of Being A Woman Is Giving Birth And Nurturing One’s Life. We Have To Look At Women As A Sign Of Life And Hope

"I Dedicated This Piece Of Art With Truly Respect To All Mothers"