Monday, November 15, 2010

Bruce Paws

Bruce Paws
Created: JULY2010
 Oil In Canvas – 6 X 6 inch
(Using Paws of Bruce)

One fine Saturday morning, I had decided to get my brushes and canvas to create another painting. While preparing my painting stuff, our darling Bruce (a Chocolate Brown Labrador) kept bugging me and even  was running away with my brushes. While chasing him, an idea pop-out and decided to teach him to do paintings though I know that would be impossible. I started to  put oil paints in his paws and let him walk on top of the  canvas (I did wash the paws right away to make sure that he would not licked the paints). And by chance, he created an abstract pattern which somehow turned into a nice picture. It’s not easy to guide him but I had so much fun that day because after he freely stamped his paws I saw a natural outcome of fantastic  work of Art. We did this painting when he was like 3 months old. Now, he’s about 8 months and he’s such a lovely dog. Though he’s a bit naughty once in a while which makes our life more colorful. My boyfriend and I, are lucky to have him. I’m planning to do painting session again with him and I’m looking forward to the outcome, who knows he could be a famous Dog Paintr someday.


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